Happy Birthday Daddy

Today would have been my dad’s 100th birthday – instead of celebrating a huge milestone, I am sitting here pondering all of the wonderful milestones that he has missed in my life …. the birth of my children, the celebrations of their communions, sweet sixteeIMG_1251 2ns, high school graduations, awards etc.  And, I have missed 20 years of his guidance – he was not only my father, but my mentor and friend.  When I needed advice on finances, insurance, big life decisions, or even gardening, he was there to offer support.

I also sit here frustrated; frustrated that 20 years have passed and we still do not have the answers for treatments or a cure for Alzheimer’s.  How can that be? How can TWENTY years have passed, and we are no closer to a cure?

This hike that I am doing, is more than just a fundraiser or an awareness builder.  It is a gesture of love for my dad and for all those suffering…it is pushing my own limits physically and encouraging those that can, to push their limits as well – pushing to continue research….pushing to fund scientists….pushing to never give up….the answer is out there and if we all push our limits, even just a little bit, we can find the answers that we seek….

If you would like to learn more about the hike, or to have your loved one honored/remembered, please visit my site at http://bit.ly/karenshike – Happy 100th Birthday in Heaven Daddy – I hope that you and Mommy are enjoying a lobster, a martini and a beautiful slow dance.

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